herbaceous x woody (tree peony) Itoh Hybrid, parentage Miss America x Lutea Hybrid Alice Harding — first bloomed before 1980. This Itoh Hybrid is semi-double, light yellow with prominent red-purple flames, stigmas, sheath and filaments creamy white, carpels green, anthers yellow with small amount of pollen. Medium size flower with 20-30 petals. Sometimes irregularly toothed at petal ends. 26-30 inches in height with excellent stem strength Seedling # 816.

Award of Landscape Merit (ALM) description: ‘Prairie Charm’ (Hollingsworth, 1992) Itoh Group, Mid-season, 26-30? — Light greenish-yellow petals with prominent red flares at the base encircle ice green carpels, sheathed and tipped creamy white. A sparse ring of long legged stamens completes the center. Medium-sized, semi-double flowers have 20-30 petals, with smaller, inner petals often times irregularly toothed. Side buds extend the season. Bush is fairly erect with stout stems, although at maturity bush will be wider than tall. Light green leaflets possess an element of yellow and are sharply cut. Foliage holds throughout the season if given adequate moisture. Occasional reports of frayed petals suggests a vulnerability to bud damage from late freeze. Excellent health, vigor, and increase rate by division. Grafting is an option.



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