Red Hot Babe

Group: Herb. Hybrid

Year Registered: 2016

Breeder/registrant: Bremer

Parentage: Little Corporal x Old Farmstead

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

No seedling number, has always been called ‘Red Hot Babe’. Parentage: ‘Little Corporal’ x Old Farmstead. This was the first plant to bloom in a group of seedlings from that cross. First bloomed 2007, propagated since 2010. SINGLE flowers with double row of petals, are a brilliant hot pink-red. Petal shape can be wildly variable from year to year, sometimes relatively flat other times reflexing back along the edges. Petals also show variable amounts of notching. Flowers are most often born on long nodding stems. Average of 3 green carpels having a white hairy surface. Stigmas are large and bright red. Stamens are yellow and do sparingly produce pollen, which has not been tested for fertility. The plant is likely a triploid (cross of tetraploid x diploid), thus fertility is likely low or not existent. Early mid-season bloom time. The 27 inch (68 cm) stems have a spreading habit. Foliage is deep green and deeply cut. A novelty that is quite beautiful.


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