Starburst Symphony

Group: Itoh

Year Registered: 2006

Breeder/registrant: Smith, D.R.

Parentage: Martha W. x Golden Era

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Seedling # IC-95-85. Parentage: Lactiflora ‘MARTHA W.’ x lutea hybrid tree peony, ‘GOLDEN ERA’. First bloomed 2002. Variable flower form, predominantly single to semi-double, but occasionally fully double. Base color light creamy yellow, but heavily flushed with pink on first opening giving initial light orange effect. This quickly fades to pale yellow delicately flushed with pale pink. Bold fuchsia colored flecks and streaks are seen in many petals. These radiate outward from the center forming a “starburst” type pattern that gives each flower a uniqueness all its own. Light red central flares are also variable, being very prominent in some flowers, while in others they are often missing or obscured in whole or in part by the stamens or central petals. Medium size flowers average about 6 inches across and have anywhere from 12 to 30+ petals. An attractive center contains 3-4 light green carpels capped with pale yellow stigmata enclosed in a cream colored sheath, and all surrounded by a sparse ring of light yellow stamens. No fertility observed to date. Flowers are nicely displayed on upright to slightly arching stems just above and beyond the foliage making this an excellent landscape variety. A floriferous bloomer with abundant flowers from early to late in mid-season and a bloom period of up to 3 weeks. Dome-shaped symmetrical plant averages 33 inches in height and has typical dark green intersectional foliage that is very disease resistant and lasts well into autumn. Mild but pleasant fragrance.


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