Group: HH

Year Registered: 2012

Breeder/registrant: Nordic

Parentage: Coral Sunset x open pollinated

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Seedling # N-3005. Parentage: ‘Coral Sunset’ open pollinated. Grown from 1 open pollinated seed of 3 collected in 1999. First bloomed 2003, first propagated 2005. SEMI-DOUBLE flower form with three rows of guard petals, bright pink in color (RHS N57-C). Flower is similar to ‘Pink Hawaiian Coral’ but with more petals, while color is closer to that of ‘Cytherea’. Color does not seem to fade as quickly as other corals. One flower per stem, occasionally a side bud. Carpels are light green, smooth, 5-7 in number. Stigmas are pink, the same color as the petals, and normal in structure. Stamens and pollen, but no fertility yet observed. Emerging foliage has bronze hue, but becomes green with warm weather. Height 42-44 inches, with self-supporting thick stems. Has so far shown resistance to botrytis. A vigorous grower though it makes only average increase for propagation purposes, but its strong adventitious nature allows for additional propagation possibilities. With good vase life, ‘Tropicana’ has possibilities as a cut flower. It received “seedling of distinction” at the APS exhibition in Omaha in 2012


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