It is with pleasure that we are finally able to say the Paeonia newsletter is fully online. Paeonia was an international newsletter for peony hybridizers. It was published quarterly from April 1970 to spring 2002. It was started in 1970 by Silvia Saunders (daughter of Prof. A. P. Saunders) and Roy Pehrson. From approx. 1971-1994 Paeonia was edited and published by Chris Laning of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Starting in 1995, Paeonia has been edited and published by Don Smith of West Newton, Mass., until 2002.

The newsletter used to be available in some restricted discussion groups or on the websites of Don Smith himself, but both sources show little sign of life unfortunately and for most people they would be unobtainable. There used to be some issues missing but thanks to some benevolent peony addicts, the collection is complete.

Paeonia was geared towards the hybridizers but it contained many articles that will interest many peony gardeners as well. A few of these articles have already appeared on this site previously. Many of the most prolific writers to the newsletter will be familiar names to those interested in peonies: A.P. Saunders, Silvia Saunders, Roy Pehrson, Don Hollingsworth, Chris Laning, Bill Seidl, Don Smith, David Reath, …

It would take far too long to describe all things that have been discussed in Paeonia, but everybody is invited to have a look, either through the link above or through the menu item. All issues are available for download separately and a contents overview is available.


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