In our humble opinion this variety is currently the best early double white peony.

A closed round pure white bud without any trace of pink on it. Average length, good stem strength, very early, flowering well before Red Charm. Healthy, good foliage. Semi double to double with a large bud and resulting in a large flower. Floriferous and propagates extraordinarily well, we know of no other hybrid that growshop this fast. Pictures are of second year growing plants.

On the downside, as nothing ever is perfect… It could be more double, it’s not so double as Amalia Olson, Brother Chuck or Bowl of Cream. The edge of the petals is somewhat ragged. Otherwise not much can be improved upon, it may take a while before something better shows up.

We expect this one to become one of the leading varieties of the future, it has ‘massive’ potential as a cutflower.


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