1. Linda 2 years ago

    The most profitable year!! A just reward for the efforts you had made.

    The tunnel with GA3 should be much earlier than the ones with GA3 in the open field. So why didn’t you try more peonies in the polytunnels? Maybe the sky-high price period would be longer or earlier for yourself.

    • Author
      khurtekant 2 years ago

      I did. The results in the polytunnel are the same, about one week difference. It’s just coincidence that I got a better picture outside. I was unable to cut all of the Fawn and therefore you can see some flowering in the right rows in that picture and therefore the difference is better shown. In The Fawn on the left not one flower was in bloom and the picture was taken before I was going to cut them for the first time.

  2. Linda 2 years ago

    Definitly 2021is quie challenging!! Too much raining and cold. Did your early forcing work with GA3 and polytunnels? Hope you meet the sky-high price period!!

    • Author
      khurtekant 2 years ago

      Hello @lindapeony . Challenging it was indeed. For peonies at least we had our most profitable year ever, so we won’t complain. We are slightly earlier than Holland, about one week, but that does make a lot of difference. The last ones were mostly kept for ULO-storage, which failed miserably this year, but as the rest was very good… Early forcing went well, and GA3 as well, just have a look at the photo attached here (may be only visible in the ‘activity’ stream, not as comment below the article, software bug). This shows The Fawn outside during the season. The rows on the right had received GA3, whilst those on the left are naturally grown. The difference is about one week and the two series overlap somewhat, but you can clearly see that it’s possible to split work this way and have them earlier.

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